Talking Race Because No One Else Wants To

I’d like to introduce a good friend of mine, Elisabeth Akinwale. Yes, assholes, I have friends. A few, anyway. Elisabeth is a former D1 gymnast, placed 13th in the 2011 CrossFit Games and recently competed at the 2011 American Open Championships. A year ago at this time, she had never lifted a barbell over her head. And oh yeah, she’s black.

Here’s what we’ve been messaging about while we pretend to work our day jobs:

Drywall: So when the fuck are you going to blog about race? You said that was happening back when you wrote that post about dicks. I realized I get easy material if I take your posts and make them way more profane, like when I took your post about crazy bitches and I mocked the fuck out of them. Besides, I’m a white dude, I can bust on the CrossFit Games for identifying the fittest white person with disposable income on Earth; aside from that I really don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. And how the hell did you qualify for the American Open after three months of training? Are you people naturally good at exercise? By “you people” I mean gymnasts. That’s a joke. I mean black people.

EAkinwale: That’s the cool part, I don’t work for anything. Being black it’s a 50/50 thing. You’re either morbidly obese and diabetic or you’re a fucking thoroughbred.

Drywall: Did you just call yourself a thoroughbred? Don’t lose that confidence.

EAkinwale: I’m not a thoroughbred? You can draw your own conclusions between the two black people options.

Drywall: Damn, you out-clevered me. You ever feel you’re treated differently at the gym or in CrossFit social circles?

EAkinwale: I have no idea if it’s my skin color, the fact that I stand above 5’3″, or the tattoos (it can’t be the tattoos), but since I started CrossFit I’ve repeatedly heard reference to my being intimidating.

Drywall: How many times has this come up? And how does one go about saying that?

EAkinwale: It’s usually presented as speculation that someone else is intimidated. Its not that infrequent. I also hear people say “she’ll kick your ass” type stuff a lot.

See. She’s not making that up.

Drywall: Ok, in the last five minutes I think I got the race issue figured out. Take the CrossFit population that doesn’t care about getting strong but just likes doing crazy cardio routines (because they are “edgy”) with their clique of recently acquired friends while wearing $100 lululemon shorts and later meeting up at the trendy glitter bar for tequila shooters because they’re the only paleo thing on the menu. That crowd = total white thing.

EAkinwale: First of all, re-read your first sentence. Funniest shit you’ve ever written.

Second, you’re onto something. Black people are just generally too cool to do what we do at CrossFit. We don’t like doing shit that’s not cool, like repeatedly jumping on a box or double wall balls or anything that makes a person look ridiculous. Ever see a black man pose for a picture? Cool, cool, cool.

Drywall: Perhaps black people who are genuinely interested in legit strength training realize you can do the same exact thing at the YMCA for 20% of the cost. And play basketball afterward.

EAkinwale: Funny thing, pre-CrossFit I was training at the South Side YMCA, I shit you not.

Drywall: Paying more money for something trendy is definitely a white thing. Maybe a Westernized Asian thing.

EAkinwale: I guess that’s why we keep our asses on the Southside, we’re not going to pay for a trendy neighborhood either.

EAkinwale: Speaking of Lululemon, did I mentioned the time their staff followed me around the store?

Drywall: Hahaha you shopped at Lululemon, sucker!

EAkinwale: I’ve never spent a dime in Lululemon, but I have spent 15 minutes of my time walking through their store with a scrawny white woman following two paces behind me, never so much as offering a greeting.

Drywall: Not terribly surprising, they allegedly picked their name because Japanese people can’t pronounce all the L’s. At least you didn’t get brutally murdered.

EAkinwale: Check out this promo video. I really enjoyed it. Worldwide perspective on CrossFit. No black people.

Drywall: 1. I’m pretty sure the guy swinging the kettlebell at 1:56 is black.
2. How bad is it that I’m taking notes on people who “might be black” because I can’t really tell for sure?
3. You just mindfucked me into watching all 4 minutes of that shitty commercial. Congrats.

EAkinwale: Ok I’ll admit, I didn’t rewatch it for the “might be’s.” However, I sat in a room full of Games athletes and was subjected to this video, the entire time wondering where am I represented? This is the shit that pisses me off. Compile this over a lifetime, that shit is annoying.

Drywall: Perhaps it is just an accurate depiction and they filmed on your rest day?

Drywall: I think we should make a post by just copy and pasting our emails from the last couple weeks. For a title, I think simply “Talking Race Because No One Else Wants To” would be a good one. Thoughts?

EAkinwale: Love it all, I even like the title, although that in itself makes me laugh because it’s only white people who don’t wanna talk about it. I like it though, that resistance to talking about it transcends CrossFit.

“Nervous laughter is the shit.”

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    • Terence Nelan

      I’d love to see a little statistics exercise determining the correlation between the locations of CF ‘boxes’ with rich white neighborhoods. Any guesses on where that comes out?

      • Joe

        Just like chick fil a

        • suckafuck911

          there are no chick fil a’s in chicago. go back to the south you jesus banging fuck

          • Jbrewer11

            Actually, there is a chic fil a on Chicago Ave at Wabash.  Just saying…

      • StephenW

        Ours is smack-dab in the hood.

    • GUEST 1

      yes, all white people are nervous racists… wow

      • Drywall

        Yeah, you missed the point entirely.

    • Drew Griffith

      “White people are the only people who would get off a plane in Africa and say ‘My, my! Look at all these minorities!”

      • Anonymous

        Actually they get off the plane there and say “Hi I am with a charity that digs wells for people too stupid to do it themselves.” When they go to Europe they say “lets go get a drink from the still working 2000+ year old aqueduct”

    • Dustin Kreidler

      My first “real” experience in CrossFit was my L1 cert. At least 20% of the coaches were Jennifer Hunter-Marshall from Garden City CF. The phrase “nubian goddess,” though I don’t quite know what it means, definitely springs to mind. (Vanilla Ice once described me: “Turn off the lights, and I’ll glow.”) It makes me happy that most of the shit people complain about the most in the CF community don’t really seem to pertain in the few boxes I’ve been in (Elm City Crossfit being my current home for edgy cardio routines, o-lifting and other tortures…)

      All told, this post was by turns hilarious and truly depressing. Question: Can an overwhelmingly Caucasian sport de-honkify itself? Or will it take Lebron James joining a box and making it inherently cool for all the “ballers” out there. (Seriously, I assume that just means minority athletes. Honky, remember? If I used it wrong, assume I’m Kenny from ’30 Rock.’ I *mean* well!) ;) 

      • Zach Shaw

        what’s a nubian?

        • suckafuck911

          it’s from star wars, that shitty one from the 90′s

        • Jon

          BLACK RAGE!!

    • Dustin Kreidler

      My first “real” experience in CrossFit was my L1 cert. At least 20% of the coaches were Jennifer Hunter-Marshall from Garden City CF. The phrase “nubian goddess,” though I don’t quite know what it means, definitely springs to mind. (Vanilla Ice once described me: “Turn off the lights, and I’ll glow.”) It makes me happy that most of the shit people complain about the most in the CF community don’t really seem to pertain in the few boxes I’ve been in (Elm City Crossfit being my current home for edgy cardio routines, o-lifting and other tortures…)

      All told, this post was by turns hilarious and truly depressing. Question: Can an overwhelmingly Caucasian sport de-honkify itself? Or will it take Lebron James joining a box and making it inherently cool for all the “ballers” out there. (Seriously, I assume that just means minority athletes. Honky, remember? If I used it wrong, assume I’m Kenny from ’30 Rock.’ I *mean* well!) ;) 

    • Arumayta

      I made this observation from the beginning. Recently I was talking to one of the coaches about not having enough black/minority in CrossFit. His response,”the elite(minotrities) are playing professional sports.” I thought that was hilarious!!!

      Eitherway… that’s what I love about CrossFit Harlem and Afro Butality, their mission is to reach out. Not everyone can afford $100/200 mo. to workout. And unfortunately blacks and hispanics have a large unhealthy population.

      Hispanic CrossFitting Lady

      • Elitewillie

        Our box is mostly made up of hispanic people (we are in the miami greater area in florida.  Yet we still have only about 3 or 4 african american active members.  I always discuss this specific topic with them and they seem to echo the response your coach gave you that “‘
        the elite(minotrities) are playing professional sports.’”

        Hispanic Crossfitting Gentleman.  lol

      • Anonymous

        This is something that needs to happen in Los Angeles. All the boxes here cost at least $195+. It would be nice to take a more affordable approach. I am sure that as it becomes more popular, more affordable options will show up more often. Kind of like how regular gym memberships are as low as $10/month depending where you go now, whereas a few yrs ago it wasn’t like that.

      • Anonymous

        Blacks and Hispanics are more prone to rhabdomyolysis

      • dumbfounded

        That’s a stupid response. You’re seriously telling me only elite people crossfit. Then why do we have scaled options? Smh or is he only interested in working with elite minorities?

    • benogrady

      This reminds me of the previous sport I came from, rowing, which is highly honkified. (At least we have an excuse which is the, you know, water).  What it boils down to is this: the brothers and sisters are out playing “sports.” 

      • FormerRower

        I have spent a lot of time in rowing and I disagree that “the brothers and sisters are out playing “sports.”". We can’t put the overwhelming whiteness of rowing purely onto individual’s preferences for other sports.
          For a variety of reasons the sport of rowing (and probably crossfit, though I’m newer and don’t know it as well) is inaccessible and uninclusive. Think about it – how do most people start rowing? Their sister, father, friend, whoever does it/did it. Their school (most likely private or in a wealthy suburb) has a program. Or their neighborhood has a team – which means their neighborhood is near a waterway suitable for recreation and is likely higher-income and predominantly white. Without these connections, its unlikely you’ll find a sport like rowing. Entrance still requires some degree of connection to the right people and places.
          Rather than chalking a lack of diversity up to preferences of others, maybe those of us in overwhelmingly white sports should take a look at ourselves and our institutions, and consider that there’s something more significant and structural at work keeping the demographics the way they are. Whatever our conclusions to that analysis, if we engage the issue at least we’ll start to talk about race.

        • Stephanie Vincnet

          If there was a like button on blog comments I’d push it…

          • Duff

            Ummm… there is a “Like” button.  How do you not see it???

        • Ticomandorico

          The neighborhood  I grew up in didn’t have any public basketball courtsI I never learned to play basketball…im not fucking bitching about it!  Remember there are lots of HONKIES like myself who cant afford to go to a CrossFit gym too! BTW, us lower middle class folks aren’t represented in those commercials either…of course the RACE issue is much more exciting to talk about!

          • AGDM

            Everybody just calm down. When did discussing something become bitching? Speaking from emotion is cool, but bring intellect to the conversation. 

            Also, hoopin isn’t that difficult and there are quite a few of us who didn’t grow up with basketball courts nearby either. That usually means we can forget about baseball, soccer and football fields as well.

            How hard would it be to improvise if you wanted to learn that badly?

      • Anonymous

        I guess you never heard of uncle Rhabdo, if sickle cells do crossfit they could lose their kidney function. Stuff That Black People Don’t Like #787 Crossfit

    • benogrady

      This reminds me of the previous sport I came from, rowing, which is highly honkified. (At least we have an excuse which is the, you know, water).  What it boils down to is this: the brothers and sisters are out playing “sports.” 

    • Jim

      Meh.  Griping about not being represented is gay.  Until Toby Gerhart, there were basically 0 white running backs in the NFL.  The kid weighs 20lbs more than Marshawn Lynch, jumps 3″ higher, and has a 40 time that’s just 0.04 secs slower…and he still has to deal with the stereotyping.  It’s just a part of life.  Fat people get stereotyped.  Fit people get stereotyped.  Back people get stereotyped, white people get stereotyped.  It’s called “reality”.  Best way to break stereotypes is to prove ‘em wrong. 

      • Info

        Apparently gay people get stereotyped, too.

        • Dr. Barry Hungwell

          Don’t be kweer

        • Jim

          Seeing how gay people fit in the “everyone” category…yes, they do. 

        • Pat

          I was waiting for homosexuality to come up. Ever notice how white people casually throw around “that’s gay” or “what a fag” but they would never ever drop the “n” word? Too bad gays don’t scare others in the same way black people scare white people. They might get a little more respect!  

          • Somm4878

            I’m sorry no one respects you Pat. Maybe if gay men weren’t so girly we’d be more intimidated. LMFAO!

            • Jezzer

              Look at any straight guy who gets dragged out to a gay club by his girlfriend and tell me they don’t get “intimidated” by gays.  Also, only assholes and mouthbreathers laugh at their own jokes.

            • Anonymous

               any guy that gets dragged out anywhere by his gf is probably gay to begin with

            • Postpost


    • Wesley

      Worst part about this?  Even the Crossfit Games African Regional was all white people:

    • Dr. Barry Hungwell

      “They” already have basketball, football and the “beaners” have most of baseball.  Now we gotta give up “exercising” too?  Honkey can’t have nothin’ anymore.

      Stupid Charles Barkley and Chuck Carswell done fucked it up for everybody.

      • Arumayta

        Most baseball players are Dominican or Puerto Rican.
        Beaners is a term used for Mexicans.(soccer)
        Get your stereotypes right people! lol
        (Note:I’m being sarcastic and making a joke.)

        • Dr. Barry Hungwell

          Shit.  You’re right.  My bad.  :fauxhawkcyberfistbumpbro:

        • Anonymous

          Dominican Republic has steroids legal for sale.

      • Steve

        Holy fucking shit that is fucking funny!!!!

      • SPare

        I recall a Letterman top 10 list from 20 or more years ago entitled: “Why Black Men don’t play hockey”

        one of the answers was “I do not feel the need to dominate yet another sport”. 

        maybe applies to Crossfit?

        • Anonymous

          Hockey lacrosse, soccer and basketball are all basically the same game but as short distance runs become less important than upper body strength it gets whiter. Compare Olympic short distance run medalists, to upper body sports.

    • Sumo

      I’m still struggling with you having any friends, let alone a few.

    • Jeff

      How could you forget about Charles Barkley?

      I watched a few Xfitters playing basketball…they actually warmed up with a layup drill. This wasn’t the “white flight” you had about on the news. They did shoot free throws quite well.

    • M-Squared

      It’s simple really: you can’t afford to get your weave wet and sweaty.

      • AGDM

        That pertains to women and women who wear weaves specifically.

    • M-Squared

      It’s simple really: you can’t afford to get your weave wet and sweaty.

    • guest

      I see a movie in the making…prissy rich white crossfit sluts, er, chicks have to travel to the hood to compete in the WSOE against sassy black crossfit women…Bring It On 3 – Crossfit Style…comedy ensues

    • Overweight Wodder.

      I feel underrepresented in that video as well. I didn’t see any overweight guys who can’t do a Turkish get up carrying an attractive chick and normally find themselves in last during the WOD even though they scaled. I see her point, but I still felt inspired.

      • Overweight Wodder

        Oh yeah, and that lululemon crap was BS. Although I would follow her around too, but more stalker style. ;) I find Ms. Akinwale inspiring.

    • eileen

      I love the pictures!

    • Johnny Utah

      So does this mean that since the NFL does not have any white DB’s or running backs or wide receivers that they are not doing their part for racial equality?

      Very few black Olympic swimmers and skiers as well…..Clearly THASSSS RAYCESSS.

      Everybody is racist, it just depends on what platform you are standing on.

      • GSPA Trainer

        NFL DB’s and RB’s are earned positions not based on race but performance.

    • Kenyatta

      Thank goodness someone understands the intricacies of Black hair. WODs tear my freaking weave up! Lol

      • Judy Hemphill

        Kenyatta on top of my monthly dues I had to up my “hair”’s costly..

    • Lakaishon

      I think all of the counting intimidates most black people.

    • Xfitfreak420

      so right!!!!!!! love the fact of just in case u didnt know who sponsered this commercial check out our reebok shirts!!! I hate the fact crossfit has now become a bunch of stupid white girls who werar lululemon booty shorts instead of representing people like me who love fitness for fitnes not for how stupid we can make it!

    • Michael

      Most of the boxes I have been to (and the one I belong to) are located in industrial areas…i.e. as far from rich white neighborhoods as it gets…

      • cg26

        That’s coz of the cost of renting a wharehouse being cheaper there, doesn’t correlate to where the crossfitters actually live.

    • Andy Manthei

      Awesome post!

    • Benjamin B. Taylor

      I actually brought this topic up with Glassman specifically and some HQ higher ups. My simple question was why do you think we don’t see more black people in CrossFit. In a room full of big brained people, no one had a great answer. I’m not saying I do either. 

      It took our box reaching close to 200 members before I started seeing any other black men join. Now with 400 members, we may have 15 (I counted in my head) black people that I see on a recurring basis.

      Again, I have no answers but I’m glad others (Drywall and EA) are at least noticing.

      • Dr. Barry Hungwell

        If you did that math/counted in your head, chances are you have some Asian in you somewhere.  I’m thinkin’ mostly Chinese.  Also means you probably can’t drive for shit.

        Cipher on!

        • Benjamin B. Taylor

          Dr. B. The Asian in me agrees with your statement.

      • Eula

         Was Mitt Romney, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Bob Arum in the room?  Lol!

    • Jack Mayhoffer

      Maybe most black people prefer playing actual sports over exercising.

    • Mindy Bush

      I freakin’ love this. Thoroughbred… that’s both refreshingly funny and surprising. The only black folk with whom I’ve ever had conversations about race got all pissy about the “white perception” that black people are good at sports. As though we’re all just a bunch of racists for noticing that something like 95% of all players in the NFL are, well, not white. (Said people also got mad when I referred to something as “ghetto”… despite my contention that really, any right to be upset about the use of that particular term actually belongs to the Jews.)

      PS –  I met Elisabeth for, like, a millisecond when I was visiting Chicago almost a year ago, and in my estimation, the intimidating thing is probably nothing to do with the ass-kicking factor. I mean, yeah, she will smoke everybody else at the gym (which I refuse to refer to as a “box”…), but still, she seemed nice enough. That being said, I wasn’t trying to hang out and talk to her or anything because her focus and intensity are practically palpable. I perceived her standing under a neon sign that said, “I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to lift heavy shit.” 

      As they say here in Memphis, respecf. (<– also not racist.

      • peanut

        yeah, I can’t call it a box either. That’s just stupid.  Would love to have that neon sign up in our gym!

      • Dr. Barry Hungwell

        “Bush.”   “Box.”  Coincidence?  I think not.

    • Justcraft71

      What is a talking race, I bet those guys that talk at the end of commercials saying all the legalese would win

    • igotnothin’

      Those blacks are way better at cock-pushups. That’s what grandma says.

      • Mandingo

         And that’s why you’re at least 1/4 Black.  Oh and remember the ‘One drop rule’ Lol!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      remember when white people used to play sports…10 years from now we will remember when white people used to be good at crossfit.

    • Somedayillsayitolduso

      When black people do start doing CrossFit u white people are going down…there is something very pleasing in that (and I’m white)

      • Whitey white

        Sounds like I better start to learn how to row. Wait if blacks crossfit they will learn to row too. We are fucked. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do once “they” take over crossfit?

        • Mandingo

           ”Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do once “they” take over crossfit?”

          Stand – down and learn how to live with other people without the benefits of over 400 years of white affirmative action.

          ‘Paleo’ your insatiable appetite for cultural dominance at the expense of others.

          Add some black people to your all-white facebook friends list Lol!

          If you need more – holler!

    • Duff

      In response to EA’s comment about how white people don’t want to talk about it….. that’s ‘cuz straight up, black people are better at sports (or fitness for that matter).  White people are just too proud/rich to admit it.  But hey, I’m a poor white dude so I’ll let you know that the darker skinned folks seem to have a leg up.

    • Dave

      I call this article fake. You say you were emailing her yet black people can’t afford internet. Something seems amiss here.

      • AGDM

        Cost of internet < cost of crossfit.

        Get a clue.

    • Stephanie

      white people won’t talk about it (ie say stupid shit that proves we still have a major race issue in this county) that is until they are drunk or they can annonmously post on a blog.  even if you are ‘joking’ — there is some truth in you believing what you say. 

      There are plenty of black people that can afford crossfit and plenty of white folk that find a way to afford it even though they really can’t.  The issue isn’t about money.  

      Its a cultural thing and like one poster said it grows by word of mouth…i guess white folks really don’t have than many black friends afterall ;-) 

      • Bradford

        Or care to make any. my closest friend is white and i met his other white friends and they were cool but to hang out with it was all caps NO. The introducing was the furthest it went when chillin with them that one day.

    • Dr. Barry Hungwell

      Good new is we will still have NASCAR, professional fishin’, moonshine makin’ and meth cookin’.

      In the meantime we’ll keep playin’ “their” music real loud while we exercise, er, I mean, compete.

    • Brad

      You don’t typically find black people in cults.

    • Walter Ezell

      CrossFit will eventually “reach out” to the black communities and be cheaper. Why? Because CrossFit wants a dime out of everyone’s pocket, that’s no secret. Then the black people will dominate CrossFit, and white folks will make up a new overly expensive sport that only they can afford (for the most part). Reality check, it’s been that way for awhile. It shouldnt have to be explained that I’m not racially motivated, being that my mentor is a 275lb 6’3 black guy, and I’m a 165lb 5’7 white dude, but I feel I should state that before someone inevitably pulls the race card. When you design a business, you decide who you want it to be available to by setting a price. Apartment complexes, restaurants, etc all follow this.

      What’s ironic about all of this, is “the sport of fitness” set a price point for middle-upper class white people. Who does this leave out? A good chunk of blacks, and a big chunk of college students…whom of which are the best athletes. You wanna see the true fittest person on earth? Bring a college football team into CrossFit for a year, watch them shit on everyone. Sorry for any typos. Typed from my phone

      • Steveb013


        CrossFit’s not leaving anyone out. You don’t need to pay $200 a month membership at your local box to be able to do CrossFit wods.

        Do you know a fella by the name of Ben Smith? (Probably not.. youtube him ;) )

        You can do CrossFit wods anywhere, upload your video’s, you don’t have to go to a box 5 nights a week. Or at all really.

      • oiwfjoewjfiewojfeifjwe

         ”white folks will make up a new overly expensive sport that only they can afford”

        You mean like they did with rock climbing and triathlon?

        • Mandingo

           Lot’s of availability to rock climb and do the triathlon in the hood Lol!

      • Anonymous

        Most people are competing against themselves. People do watch the ‘best’ at each individual gym when they are doing big weight, so when a black guy/girl is doing something impressive, everyone watches and encourages and congratulates them just as they do when a white person does. This entire comment section is really racist.

    • Wong

      Have you ever considered, that when Reebok made that commercial, the boxes they went to just didn’t happen to have any black people inside of them (Mmm… black dick) at the time? More importantly, who cares?

      There are humans in that video, is that not representation?

      • AGDM

        Yea Wong thats exactly how it works. BTW, ewww re: dick comment.

    • Sgt.

      I’m going to lunch tomorrow next to the murder Lululemon…..who want’s pics?? The worst part is the employees at the Apple store, next door, heard the screams and did dick. 

      • Track

        What are the Apple guys gonna do?  They weigh 90 pounds and the app for “reporting a murder” isn’t due out until mountain-snow-jaguar-lynx.

    • Sgt.

      CF affirmative action!!! We need out tokens and we need them now!!!!

      • Mandingo

         just as much as we need systemic White Supremacy Lol!

    • Anonymous

      That’s OK, at least one institution is trying to balance out
      the cro$$fit race issues.

      • AGDM

        The original Crossfit boxes! Thanks I lold

    • Holdin27

      This actually got me thinking about all the sports I’ve ever done that require a little cash, and they are almost universally dominated by white people.  Snowboarding? Check.  On and off road triathalons? Check. Adventure racing? Check.  The white people are following me!

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    • Pansypurfect

      “only white people” or “only black people” statements are ridiculous all by themselves! just sayin

    • Zaugg

      I run into links to this blog once in a while and make the mistake of reading it.  Your humor is to quote a famous black man- “Fail”. 

    • Rachel

      It’s not the same everywhere!  I’m one of a small handful of white folks at my gym/box/whatever and I get made fun of for it all the time by my primarily Hispanic and Asian fellow crossfitters.  Maybe it’s just different in Los Angeles…

      • Bradford

        any blacks? we all need to get involved in healthy living go spread the work. Use what you have gained to help other. Lets kick statistics in the Butt

    • Matty

      “Resilience” is just “brilliance” spelled differently. OMFG I am so INSPIRED!!

    • Jacob

      There were two CrossFit gyms no more than one mile from my “rich white neighborhood.”

      I haven’t even heard any black people talk about CrossFit either. That’s ok because the black guys I know are strong as fuck and slay all the white chicks at the YMCA. So, maybe that is why they don’t come to CF gyms… They don’t turn into pussies and get to bang all the white chicks they can handle – seems like a win-win to me.

      And the guy in 1:56 of the commercial is black… Also you can’t spell brilliance with the letters in resilience (But CrossFit is famous for making their own quirky rules – I guess Glassman is re-writing the Webster’s Dictionary).

      Thank you for mindfucking me into watching the video… 

    • Hotsauce

      Does this guy count ?

    • Guest

      I think this post is # 1 hilarious and # 2 that intiative is not based on race but personal choice. If people choose not to walk in the door that’s their issue. To hit one last point people spend $100-$200 a month on junk food,alcohol,cable and other indulgences but a gym is too pricey? Once again personal choice, so I think race and demographics have nothing to do with who Crossfit’s and who doesn’t.  Now if you dulge into culture and influence that may very race to race but in no way does Crossfit descriminate or is “honkify” itself at all. I’d also like to say at my box we are culturally diversified to the extreme and it’s awesome…

      • Mandingo

         ”I’d also like to say at my box we are culturally diversified to the extreme and it’s awesome…”

        As long as you can hold on to your beliefs that their people are given to spend $100-$200 a month on junk food,alcohol,cable and other indulgences Lol!

        “race and demographics have nothing to do with who Crossfit’s and who doesn’t.”

        okay – now remove foot from mouth and please let go of the ‘level playing field // just-world hypothesis”

    • Pereafa

      Its funny that no one mentioned it…to my knowledge there isn’t “boxes” in prison.  

    • hordo

      Is it bad to say that part of the reason why white people like crossfit is because there are no other races that like to do it? I mean, let’s just throw that in there as bad as people refuse to admit it. I don’t see crossfit gyms going up in the hood charging 180 bucks a month. White people like to stay in their little sheltered bubbles and claim they aren’t racist towards others, when in fact they are, but just display it in another way.

       I love when black people get pissed at white people who create video’s like this when the people they should be pissed at is THEIR OWN. You call it being to cool to do crossfit, i call it lack of integrity and mental toughness. Use Navy SEALS as an example…How many black SEALS are there? Not many. It really sucks that it’s that way also…Because like your chick friend said…Blacks are either diabetics or thorobreds…And if they had the mental tenacity to use their bodies work capacity…You’d be seein white people biting the dust.
      I recently heard this same rant in a triathlon blog…”really makes me angry there aren’t more black people pictured in triathlon magazines”…Well, newsflash, how many triathlons have you done dickweed? If you haven’t noticed there’s probably 1 black person for every 1,000 white man. I might even say that’s a “liberal” number.

      • Chico

        What a dick head! You think elite black athletes do not have mental toughness? Do you know how much it costs to train for a tri?

    • Pat

      $100 dollars says the kids in this photo #1 don’t own a single NWA album and #2 don’t know what N.W.A. stands for. (I assume if they did, they’d at least have the sense to find a different shirt). Not sure if NWA is on iTunes, but if not, they DEFINITELY don’t have an NWA album.  

    • Wjohns7

      Loving this post.  Being that I’m black and have been a member at 2 CF boxes in Chicago, and have a boyfriend that’s a black CF coach ( I know, RARE and endangered.) makes this post all the more sweet. 

      I’ve experienced some pretty strange/interesting/crazy, f’ed up stuff, but you know, you just deal with it and get you’re workout on.

      Once again, you’ve managed to humorously bring to light something we may want to consider in the CF community.  Good stuff Drywall!

      By the way, I was one of the 2 black ladies you worked out with at the box around 2 years ago.  You and your then fiance were much appreciated.  Not only did you both comfortably make conversation with me ( I know, crazy), she was the only one who helped me figure out what the heck I was doing my first couple weeks.  Can’t begin to tell you what meant.

    • Wolfgang

      C’mon, we all know the real issue is that black people wear Nike and FUBU. They won’t go near that Reebok crap. (I think Reebok has been at the top of Interbrand’s Whitest Brands list since its inception.)

      • AGDM

        Do you remember “The Pump” sneakers?

    • Vecchio108

      Why are there not many white guys in the NBA? in China? in the Congo? Maybe most black people don’t want to do Crossfit? Don’t know about it? Does every box have to be a Benneton ad? At how many boxes have people said, “Get out Ni@@3£!”? Why are blacks rarely represented on Olympic Weight lifting squads? Why are the no white 100m sprint champions? Who cares. Why create an issue where there isn’t one.

      • Mandingo

         ”Why create an issue where there isn’t one.”

        Because systemic institutionalized White Supremacy reigns in America – even in Crossfit.  Bringing it up, or acknowledging it, does not equate ‘creating an issue’ – IT’S ALREADY AN ISSUE!

        And as long as there’s an issue – we’re going to bring it up.  Get used to it Lol!

    • Filmored Johnson

      Hi, I’m a 32 year old african american male and basically up to  month ago i had a normal workout routine. Until one saturday, when i saw the rerun of the 2011 crossfit games. And i haven’t worked out the same since…Basically what am saying is 1. most black people don’t do crossfit beacause we done’t know what crossfit is. 2. the gyms (at least in charlotte n.c.) are expensive as hell….So please do not think we’re all “too COOL” to do something healthy and that might save our lives.

    • Amberausten

      OH God damn it Lululemon. I didn’t know. Elisabeth, you’re fuckin awesome. 

    • spankminister

      I also love how they not only just feature white people and Asians, the narration specifically pats prospective customers on the back for participating in a cultural tradition going back to “Greece, Rome, and Asian” civilizations.  That’s right, YOUR ANCESTORS invented exercise!  I wonder how stupid people have to be for them to be this transparently manipulated, but then I look at the dude overhead squatting with a baby.